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Heavily influenced by the city we reside in, the people in it, and the urgency to grow outside comfort zones – North End Run Club was founded back in July 2016 with a mission to simply get outside, be active, & explore our city (VB). The goal was this: build a community of go-getters who sought individual elevation while lifting others along the way.


Why a run club? Accountability & accessibility. It cost $0 to lace up a pair of running shoes (okay, well the shoes aren't free), choose a distance, and get outside to connect with yourself and your surroundings. The roads and trails are always open for everyone so we invite you to hit pavement or get a little dirty with us to explore them.


NERC is a free, community driven run club – just sign-up (new for 2020) & show the f up. We drop locations on Monday mornings via Instagram, Facebook, & Strava followed by the route/parking help Tuesday AM for that evening's 6:15pm flight. Our runs are scaled for all athletic abilities and encourage everyone to run within their current training level. Our Tuesday night flights range from 3-5 miles and are wrapped up within one hour. We start together, we finish tonight. Whatever your pace, you'll find someone to run with. Our captains are always there to help lead the way and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Tuesdays aside, we also host random "pop-up" runs and events randomly throughout the week which are announced via our social media channels as well. Types of these events include long runs, race day support, free challenges, beach cleanups, city givebacks, & fund-raising for timely causes. What started as one thing became much more - more than a run club. Join the crew/club/community!


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